The Complete Toccatas (BWV 910 - 916)

Katharine Durran (piano)

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"Thank goodness the bad old days are over when it seemed politically incorrect to play Bach on the piano. A very special disc.... Katharine Durran's name was as unfamiliar to me as her playing, but on the evidence of her recent disc of the complete Toccatas she's a Bachian of luminous integrity and unforced nobility, who captures his capriciousness and occasional obsessiveness with equal insight"

PIANO, November/December 1999

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These beautiful works, often overlooked within the repertoire, contain all the quintessential elements of Bach at his very best. Dramatic and moving, they have been described as a celebration of, and an insight into, the composer's moving spirit, capturing a maelstrom of elation and stillness.

The seven Toccatas have rarely been heard as a set, and no traditional order of performance has come down to us. These performances, recorded at St George's Brandon Hill, have been arranged to form a tonal and emotional arc:

D minor BWV 913

G minor BWV 915

E minor BWV 914

F# minor BWV 910

C minor BWV 911

G major BWV 916

D major BWV 912

The CD sleeve includes an illuminating essay by John Butt, one of the world's leading academic authorities on Bach.

          Audio Clip (G minor)                 Audio Clip (D major)

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Katharine Durran

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